Spirit Song Creations, LLC - Simple spiritual practices to transform your life.
Spiritual Resources!
Spirit Song Creations, LLC is all about "Simple spiritual practices to transform your life." This page will connect you to a few of our favorites.  Keep coming back to see what fun new items we have added! 
Right now, let's start with music as a spiritual practice. Have you ever been in a funk or weird mood and then listened to a song that just made you happy?!  Well, how simple is that to do!  Below you will find some of our favorite "pick-me-uppers" or just energy-shifter songs and their YouTube links.  Dance, Sing, Enjoy! 
Pharrell Williams, "Happy!"
Pretty much any song by Karen Drucker can raise your vibration and create more peace and joy within.  This one is a favorite, "In Beauty May I Walk".  Check out other ones as well!
Natasha Bedingfield, "Unwritten"
Rickie Byars Beckwith with the Agape International Choir, "Wholly Holy Way"
Troy Horne, "What if We" from Monsters In My Head
Jami Lula at Mile Hi Church, "There is a Healing Going On".  This song shows that even in the depths of grief or life's challenges, there is a healing going on.
On a much more upbeat note, here is Jami Lula singing, "Spirit In the House" at the New Thought Music Festival 2011.
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