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Dear friends...
I had the opportunity to attend the Kirtan at the Aspen Park community
center last evening, which was  sponsored and lead by Kathy
Mastroianni and Spirit Song Creations.
The music and fellowship was so incredibly calming and Fun!  :-)  what
a wonderful break in my chaotic life.
Thank you, Kathy, for funding the musicians and renting the community
center so we were able to participate in this wonderful program so
close to home.
The $10 cost Is such a low price for something so special, and I know
that oft times you are lucky to just break even from your costs of
bringing the kirtan to us.
Thanks, also, for "bringing the mountain to Mohammad", as some may put
It.  No long drive, no traffic, no big fuel cost, and a time frame
that I can easily to fit into my schedule.  The beautiful,
professional music, meditation,  and fellowship afterward was
priceless.  Thank you.
I look forward to your upcoming "got peace?" Workshop beginning this
Wednesday, with your free introduction at Soul Path Living.
I also look forward to your upcoming kirtan, spiritual and celebratory
events and workshops from Spirit Song Creations.
Darlene Pickett, OdM
Conifer, CO
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